Departure day

I'm packed, checked in and sitting on the plane. I've given big hugs to my beautiful family, and at last count, I've forgotten five things. But I have my passport, and that's all that really matters!  Machu Picchu here I... Continue Reading →


An Amateur’s Travel Tips – at the airport 

Here are a few tips I have collected over the past few years. I'd be happy to hear others.  Weigh your bags before you leave home. Don't find out your bags are too heavy at the check-in counter.  Make sure... Continue Reading →

The Two Bays Walking Track in One Day

ON our way to the start of the trail at the bottom of Arthurs Seat, a local couple passed us. "Are you walking the Two Bays Track?" he asked "Yes!" "All of it, today?," he asked "Yes, all the way... Continue Reading →


This weekend I'm hiking the Two Bays Trail with a friend. It will give me a chance to test my gear on a trail, rather than in urban areas. (Those 9 km street trails are good practice, but not very... Continue Reading →

“You’ve lost weight!”

Barely a week goes by without somebody telling me "You've lost weight". Sometimes it's a question, sometimes it's a statement. I usually give a little laugh, and say, "No, no." Often I just change the subject.  What I really want... Continue Reading →

An amateur’s travel tips – coping with fear of flying. 

I don't have a full-on phobia, just a little nervousness. A bit of flying anxiety. I love traveling too much to let it stop me, but it doesn't go away. It kicks in on the way to the airport, so... Continue Reading →

Four weeks to go 

...and I've been gearing up.  Weekly visits to my exercise physiologist (16kg kettle bells woohoo!) - check Visit to the podiatrist to check my boots, and to add some cushiony insoles - check Lightweight, not-to-expensive, and hopefully-sturdy hiking poles -... Continue Reading →

Gifts to take for an Aussie ex-pat

For the last eight or so years, while I've been doing the normal "work, buy a house, have a family" thing, my younger sister has been living an ex-pat life. She started in Ireland, had a baby, moved to Namibia,... Continue Reading →

An amateur’s travel tips – packing

Sometimes I'm super organized. I plan my outfits, right down to the accessories. Other times I pack the night before, and toss into my suitcase whatever is clean. Either way, here are a few tips I've collected.  Packing cubes are... Continue Reading →

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